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We aim to reduce, customize and smooth workflows by creating a flawless patient/client journeys from awareness of the need for products and services to actual purchase--even to cultivating brand ambassadors.
Name: Jonathan Brotto
Phone: +1 514 629 3958
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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Jonathan is a very strong contributor in classroom and team settings. I have had the pleasure of several classes and team projects with him. His distinct ability to see things in a way that others cannot truly sets him apart from the crowd and will add significant value to any environment

Marco Martin Agile Information Systems Project Manager
Customer Testimonails

I have known Jonathan for over 13 years now, and have seen him grow exponentially over the years driven by his highly skilled idea generation. Jonathan is someone I respect and admire for many of his technical skills and interpersonal qualities. To me Jonathan, has the right mind set and has been given all the tools to be a successful entrepreneur

Khaled W. Al Ghafari Executive Director - Investment & Business Development Park Capital Investments Limited
Customer Testimonails

Jonathan and I took many classes together. Jonathan was an excellent student. We were on the same team in one class. As teammate he was reliable and worked hard to get the job done successfully

Daniel Atencio Sage X3 Technical Consultant at Tangerine Software


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